The saints are God’s ‘cloud of witnesses.’ They help us in our quest for holiness. They draw us towards the fulfillment of the Kingdom.

P. James Finn, Founder of Songs of the Saints

About the Artist

Since childhood, I have always had a strong connection with church music. It has served as an inspiration for me to pursue the things I am most passionate about and share them with others.

I graduated from the University of California at Santa Barbara as a music composition major. I worked as a teacher for many years. I have experience writing music and composing songs that glorify God and highlight the holiness of the saints.

About the Music

All of my songs are inspired by the Bible and taken from Holy Scriptures or directly from the prayers of the saints.. This is in reverence to how the saints spread the Word of God and shared the Gospels.


My goal is to provide sacred music for artists to cover. Please click below if you would like to inquire about covering any of my songs.


Sacred songs are beautiful. They help illumine the Liturgy. They inspire adoration of our Savior and our God.

Why Choose Songs of the Saints

My business’ core values are deeply rooted in faith. I make melodies and write songs that show the holiness of the saints. If you love church music, you have come to the right place!