Creating Custom Music Based on Scripture

Welcome to Songs of the Saints in Los Angeles, CA, a creative space for those who share the same passion for church music.

I would love to collaborate with other musicians who would like to cover my music.

"Music… is given by God's generosity to mortals having rational souls in order to lead them to higher things.”

St. Augustine

Church music has surely lead my soul to higher things. It is through my talents that I am able to glorify and to thank God.

What I Do

As a composer, I provide music for performing artists to cover.
My melodies with piano accompaniments are traditional and simple. They are meant for the covering artist to interpret according to his or her genre, style, and faith.
Please Request a Finale File.

Would You Like To Cover One Of My Songs?

I’d love to hear your version today! Please contact me and let me know about your performance style and how I may help you.